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The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon When I read the blurb for The Bone Season, I imagined it would be a dystopian, supernatural version of Inception, with possibly a hint of The Matrix.It was nothing like that.Sure, it's dystopian and supernatural, but in the end The Bone Season was a very dark version of [b:The Black Magician Trilogy|28250|The Novice (The Black Magician Trilogy, #2)|Trudi Canavan|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1327357280s/28250.jpg|1293084] with a much more developed world, far better characters and oh-em-gee spirit combat.I loved every second of it.I love reading a book and genuinely not being able to guess what's going to happen. Predictability is one of the worst crimes a book can commit, and luckily The Bone Season had none of it - Except maybe for the whole Warden & Paige thing, but I'll let that slide.I also love that this was really not a YA book, it was most definitely adult and did not sugar coat a damn thing. Beautifully dark, violent and unashamed swearing. It's so refreshing to find an amazing paranormal novel intended adults!I loved all the characters; Paige was a fantastic heroine and I can't wait to see more. World-building was immense and the detail about the clairvoyants and spirit combat was off the charts. But I want more! Trouble is there is so much detail to Samantha Shannon's world but not enough of it has been explained! I want to know exactly what each of the clairvoyants do and how they connect to the aether. I want to know about the different types of spirits and how you become one. I want more on the history. More on the plot. More about Warden. And Paige. I just want more. NOW.I shouldn't have read this book the week it came out. I'll be torturing myself waiting for the next books to be released.It's like Harry Potter all over again. A seven book series published by Bloomsbury. Who, incidentally, took a chance on a 21-year-old debut author and gave her a six-figure publishing deal - and that's just for the first three books. There's a movie deal and everything. Samantha Shannon, I'd hate your guts if you weren't so damn talented. You deserve it all. The Bone Season was incredibly and had me hooked from the start. More people need to read this.DO IT!