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The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (Throne of Glass, #0.1) - Sarah J. Maas This novella is a well-written, easy read that I got through in 2 hours on a flight home after the Christmas holidays.It is the first in 5 novellas that set the scene for the full length novel "Throne of Glass".I'm glad I started with this book. Having received a brand new Kindle for Chrismas, this was my first Kindle purchase at 80p. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the rest.This story focuses on Assassin Celeana and her quest, with Sam, to free some slaves from a pirate lord. This book focuses on a gripping and exciting story and intense characterisation, without bothering with overly complicated description or indulging in complex, sentence structures. I hate novels that use the "beautiful english language" - I find it pretentious, so I'm glad that this novella didn't bother and instead delivered a cracking story.Celeana is the protagonist and bloody likeable. She's a headstrong, top class assassin, but she's 16 so she's got all the cockiness and arrogance that come with the age, that can lead to mistakes. The key to a good character is showing their flaws. So Celeana became more likeable and believable to me because of them, and despite her stupid name.All in all, a cracking read, and I'm excited to read the next ones!